Junior Auditor

PwC | Brussels | 08-01-2019 |

Job Description & Summary

As a financial auditor or company auditor, you’ll help clients investigate the reality behind the beating heart of their company: their annual accounts. Can you give voice to the figures, investigate, analyse and draw conclusions, track down operational weaknesses and financial and accounting risks and more? In this role, you’ll be required to swiftly combine information from different sources to come to a robust conclusion and to monitor teams in different places and steer them to course. But you won’t be alone in your endeavours, you’ll be backed up by the help and expertise of an experienced audit team.

You can choose between a career in the financial or non-financial sector. As an auditor in the financial sector, you’ll take part in the audits of banks, insurance companies, investment funds and leasing and real estate firms. If you opt for the non-financial sector, your clients will be active in sectors like pharmaceuticals, retail, FMCG, telecom, automotive, technology and services.

If you
-have a bachelor or master's degree in (applied) economics, accountancy, law, business studies, business engineering, civil engineering or another relevant economic major, possibly via a second master's degree. (For auditors, we ask that your degree syllabus includes a solid basic course in accountancy, preferably with a number of financial analysis subjects.)
-graduate this academic year or have up to two years’ experience.
-are a born team player and keen to take initiative.
-have a critical, analytical mind, but are also client-oriented and an especially good communicator.
-are keen to keep on learning and developing, with a view to continued growth.
-are fluent in French and/or Dutch, plus English.
Then you could be the person we’re looking for!

Our offer
In addition to a competitive salary, supplemented with attractive fringe benefits, we offer you a multidisciplinary environment with challenging career perspectives, continuous education and on-the-job training.